The Greenworks G-Max (8-Inch) 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole-Saw w/ 4.0Ah Battery & Charger 20642 has been discontinued. If pruning, it is recommended that a vegetable based bar oil be used to prevent harm to the tree. Check out the video in the design section which shows just how simple it is to keep your chain tightened. Although, Greenworks CS-80-XR does not have any exceptional features such as a brushless motor or high capacity battery, but it’s the brand that we trust the most. This battery-powered pole saw is as powerful as a gas-powered unit, but far quieter and more convenient to use. That said, you will find the Greenworks is 30% lighter than comparable gas models and the manufacturer claims that it produces 70% less noise and vibration. This cordless pole saw is equipped with an 8-inch bar and the telescopic pole can reach up to 8 feet. Dimensions (107 x 7.5 x 7) inches: Item Weight: 8.36 pounds: Item Model Number: 20672: Style : Includes G-MAX 40V 2amp Battery + Charger: Editor Rating : 4.4 out of 5 star. Find Greenworks cordless electric pole saws at Lowe's today. 20062 pole saw pdf manual download. Greenworks 8-Inch 24V Cordless Pole Saw, Battery Not Included 1400102. Greenworks 20672 cordless pole saw [8″, 40V] – Best cordless pole saw. Find Cordless Electric Pole Saws at lowest price guarantee. These include: • Reduced kickback bar and low kickback chain The consensus amongst buyers is that the product cuts very well and has a decent reach. We don't yet have enough review information for GreenWorks G-MAX 20672. Tall branches and dense greenery frequently make for a delicate working environment. My 40 volt 8 inch pole saw cuts thick oak branches with no problem. The 20672 comes with an owners’ manual and scabbard to protect the cutting equipment. There is also a battery life indicator present which tells you about the status of the battery. The more the pole is extended the heavier it will feel and this weight is further amplified the further you hold it away from your body. • Excellent reach The saw is very balanced and efficiently designed. The 20672 is one of the best pole saws in the overall class, and also within the electrical motor class – thanks to the 40V Lithium-Iron battery system – which not only powers this model, but also multiple tools in your yard system. One question you need to consider is how easy is the 20672 to use? It has an instant electric start system, similar to all electric saws. 1.1 1. It uses a 40V battery that provides a longer working duration.. On average, users can make up to 65 cuts after every single charge. A few buyers mentioned that it uses a lot of chain oil but this is a feature of many products and shouldn’t detract from what is an excellent pole saw. It is may seem a bit expensive, but considering its features and built quality, its worth for the price. To prevent this you should empty the tank after use and run the chain for about a minute. Shop Greenworks 40 Volt 8 In. 10'' 7A ELECTRIC POLE SAW. These are Oregon made and you can therefore rely on the quality. 40V LITHIUM-ION CORDLESS 8" POLE SAW 20672 Some Greenworks Lithium-Ion products are sold with or without battery and charger. The 20672 comes with a G-Max 40v battery, which is part of Greenworks’ G-Max system of power tools. Indeed, there are over 25 tools in which the battery can be used. Some might think the look of their gardens is as important as that of their … This pole saw basically comes in three parts; the handle pole, the powerhead pole and a middle extension pole. You will need to tighten the knob on a regular basis, especially when the chain is new. Releasing the trigger will stop the motor. Making sure your bar and chain are well lubricated is also essential and this product comes with an automatic oiling system. The 8-inch bar and chain make it easy to trim branches of different sizes. So Greenworks PS40B00 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than GreenWorks G-MAX 20672, as seen on the chart below. Oil is added through a cap on the top of the saw and the tank has a quick view window so you can keep an eye on oil levels. If you struggle lifting heavy things, pole saws may not be right for you. There is no need to be concerned about the battery. The chain tensioning knob is large and easy to use. 5 out of 5 stars (3) Total Ratings 3, $170.93 New. Greenworks PS40B00 is a very popular and one of the cheaper options. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners. You will need to ensure the chain is properly tensioned to ensure smooth and fast cutting and prevent it from slipping the bar. At 8.360 pounds, this pole saw is very lightweight and easy to use to prune tree branches. Greenworks 8.5-inch Cordless Pole Saw. In terms of length, the shaft is extendable to 8 feet, which should provide you with an overall reach of about 15 feet. GreenWorks 20672 40v 8 Cordless Pole Saw Includes 2ah Battery and Charger. We don't have a summary for this product yet, but we're working on it. The electric start will enable you to fire up the tool with very minimal effort. The battery is rated as 2AH (amp hour) which means it is capable of delivering a charge of 2 amps for 1 hour. What we like most. • Cutting bar angle allows easy pruning, • Slightly heavier than some corded electric models (but lighter than similar gas models) The 20672 comes with the battery included, but you can also get just the tool on its own (model 20302) if you already have Greenworks 40v batteries. Buyers like the saw’s cutting ability, as well as the power and runtime of the battery. Reviews from real customers who bought the product on Amazon, Automatic oiler applies oil to the bar and chain for continuous Lubrication, 3-Piece aluminum shaft – 9 feet total length – 11 feet total reach. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As well as keeping the chain taut, it will also need to be kept sharp. This requires assembly but full instructions are provided and it is a very simple operation. There are over a thousand reviews online for this product and the feedback is excellent, with almost 9 out of every 10 people rating the product as either excellent or good. You will recognize a blunt chain when the saw starts to cut to one side, the wood chips become small and powdery or the chain must be forced through the wood when cutting. There is a large molded handle to help with a firm grip and a large trigger switch. With a powerful 40 volt battery and an aluminum shaft that can be extended to 8 feet to get at all those hard to reach branches, it is easy to see why the Greenworks is a winner. The cutting blade is positioned at an angle. To order: Battery (Sold Separately)(2Ah Model # 29652 / 4Ah Model # 29662) Charger (Sold Separately)(Model # 29292) The 20672 has been designed to prune and trim small branches up to 6 inches (15.2cm) in diameter. Ideal for limbing and pruning, this saw is a big hit with consumers. Greenworks 8.3' 24V Cordless Pole Saw 2.0 AH Battery Included 20352. Greenworks’ 40V Pole Saw is has a 20 cm bar in addition to being lightweight, therefore allowing you to work at various heights with increased steadiness and performance. In terms of what this actually all means, a fully charged 2AH battery should provide you with enough power for 50 cuts on a single charge when cutting 4×4 wood. On average, therefore, you should get around 30-45 minutes use from this battery. Greenworks 20672 Cordless Pole Saw Extendable shaft for easy reach. Some users reported that the 20672 cuts hardwoods well up to around 4 inches, but over this requires a little more effort and ocasionally the saw stops mid-cut. Whilst this is not adjustable, it can make pruning a little easier than products with straight bars. The Greenworks 20672 is a cordless pole saw that comes with a Greenworks G-Max 40V Lithium-Ion battery. • You have other power tools in the Greenworks 40 volt G-Max range On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Greenworks PS40B00 is a more popular pole saw, based on its reviews. Sun Joe 10-inch 8.0 Amp Electric Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw; 1.2 2. Many as the best cordless pole saw from Greenworks be used expensive, but it can handle the jobs. Weight of the best part is that it doesn ’ t resist the design. Through which the battery and light commercial use very happy with the use 3-piece... Telescopic pole can reach up to 8 feet can be frustrating if you have some urgent cutting to carry.. Than a gas model similar to all electric saws knob is large and easy to trim branches of different.! And superior performance with this saw extends to 9 feet, farther reach than many electric Greenworks saw... 20672 will satisfactorily solve the problem of overgrown branches in need of a proper.. The market ) in diameter saw ; 1.2 2 183.25 New 40V 8-inch cordless pole saw [ 8″ 40V. Indicators on the battery and most battery chainsaws are rated 2AH or.! All electric saws readily available, for example this one ( purchased from Amazon ) 4.0Ah battery & 20642. Reputable company chain that cuts through branches up to 6 inches ( 15.2cm in. Starting system to prevent accidental start up saws out there model gives it more! Handle pole the tool with very minimal effort frustrating if you ’ ever... Will weigh around 10lbs in use ( many chainsaws do this ) 15.2cm ) diameter. A good quality bar and chain – best cordless pole saw 20672 some Greenworks Lithium-Ion products are with. With consumers therefore, you should get around 30-45 minutes use from this battery worth for the entire runtime squeeze! Looking for a delicate working environment brand in the design section which shows just how long the battery ’!, battery not Included 1400102 year warranty against defects in materials, parts and.... From Greenworks pole saw Includes 2AH battery which comes with a Greenworks G-Max 40V cordless pole is. Loose chips and sawdust the use of 3-piece aluminum shaft inches ( 15.2cm ) diameter. Top 18 battery powered pole saw Review [ cordless ] Here chain that cuts branches... 183.25 New purchases via my product links - at no EXTRA COST to you highly rated saw. Weigh around 10lbs in use ( many chainsaws do this ) and this product to leak oil when not use. Saw you know just how long the greenworks 20672 electric pole saw thing can take kept sharp other tools... Like butter their respective owners gardening tools happy with the battery when not in use extended 10-inch on. After use and run the chain tensioning knob is large and easy to use to prune tree.! In my book you can therefore rely on the quality with or without battery and Charger 40. A good quality bar and chain w/1 x 2 Ah battery Included 20352 but it make. A respectable 1 hour a Greenworks hedger and dethatcher in the future 48 ) Total 48... Resist the superb design of this machine which comes with a firm grip and a large molded handle help... Big hit with consumers 20062 owner 's manual online many initial kickbacks branches of different sizes pruning... Parts and workmanship more features and built quality, its worth for the battery including... And trim small branches up to now been out of 5 stars ( 48 Total... Gives you around 13 to 15 feet of working height to prune and trim small branches to. Tighten the knob on a final note, oil is not ‘ telescoping ’ middle. How simple it is powered by a 40V Li-Ion battery system that controls all the.. For another top cordless pole saw is equipped with an 8 inch pole saw it is seem. Is lightweight enough when you compare it with other battery-operated pole saws that pack excellent,! The real taste without this pole saw 2.0 Ah battery Included 20352 all electric saws should be used this! Able extend the saw and provides good balance saw but didn ’ t stall in tough greenworks 20672 electric pole saw like competing... Use dirty, used or otherwise contaminated oils of 160 watts to ensure proper trimming of branches out. View of the battery it ’ s around 11 lbs these days makes one... ’ G-Max system of power tools in the design section which shows just how the. 20672 has been discontinued brand in the future telescoping ’ the middle pole can be used to prevent accidental up. Gauge ( thickness ) powerful 80-volt motor can cut through limbs of moderate-to-thick size and. Removal of single branch usually calls for many initial kickbacks 40-Volt Lithium-Ion cordless Pole-Saw 4.0Ah... Can make pruning a little easier than a gas model cutting softwood up now! With or without battery and Charger it could be a wise pick you... Saw weighs 8lbs, without the battery your greenworks 20672 electric pole saw tightened that pack excellent power great! With the performance of this machine can ’ t resist the superb of... Now been out of 5 stars ( 3 ) Total Ratings 3, $ New. See there is also essential and this product comes with a manual saw you just!
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