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TESMEC Peninsula provides a complete trenching service using the best equipment available. TESMEC is mainly active in the design, production and marketing of integrated solutions for the construction and maintenance of infrastructures like aerial and underground networks and pipelines.


Our machines are part of a complete range of weight from 15 to 150 tons.
To support our most strategic clients, TESMEC offers sub-contracting options for pure trenching, bulk excavations and project management.


Today, TESMEC provide presale consulting based on lab rock tests, study of geological reports, large and updated database, software for feasibility and cost studies. TESMEC provides service anywhere in the Arabian Peninsula region for our entire trenchers equipment.

Why Trenching?

  • In many digging conditions trenching is the most cost efficient and fastest way:
  • Less cubic meters dug for each linear meter of production.
  • Material dug by trenchers could be used for back filling, sometimes also sand-bedding and covering of pipes, conduits and cables.
  • A smaller quantity of dug material has to be hauled to disposal, in comparison with use of excavators. Also a smaller quantity of back-fill material is needed.
  • To achieve the same daily production, 3 to 12 excavators are required instead of 1 large trencher.
  • When the job site is on the road, the trenching does not require the asphalt cutting machines and reduces the width of asphalt strip to be reinstated.