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From engines with the most fuel efficient technology, to fully modular machines with specialized attachment, TESMEC supplies a quality range of the latest Chainsaw and Rock Hawg trenchers, with "Bucket Wheel" digging

attachments as well as surface miners. A TESMEC Trencher is a rock or permafrost trencher; its design has been modified to also work in soft soil. It can easily dig soft soil while other dirt trenchers cannot ct rock or permafrost efficiently. It increases productivity and cost efficiency.

All TESMEC machines are the result of decades of experience and offer advanced technology and state-of-the-art solutions to solve any excavation or rock crushing problem, providing high productivity and cost effective work.
We have the ability to convert to different backend with a minimal amount of work and parts required. One tractor can be used for any type of backend offered for that model. This will save money because only one tractor will have to be purchased for any type of job.





For narrow and deep cut ideal to reduce the volume of the ditch material. High productivity system to cut very hard material and concrete.High productivity system to cut very hard material and concrete.

Tesmec-TRS-1150 2010


Minimal over-excavation with regular trench walls and floor. Spoil is deposited in a continuous windrow alongside the trench. where the space is limited, spoil must be discharger to dump truck directly with a truck loader conveyor. Suitable for use in built-up areas or in proximity to utilities, structures and other pipeline.

Tesmec-TRS-950 2010
Tesmec-TRS-975 2010
Tesmec-TRS- 1150 2010
Tesmec-TRS-1475 2010
Tesmec-TRS-1675 2010


The most productive machine in loose material, ideal for pipeline and utility job. Application suitable for permafrost.

Tesmec-TRS-1675 2010

Tesmec Rock Hawg have different possible applications like:
Excavation of big ditches ( Large Diameter Pipeline)
Quarries (Surface Mining)
Bulk excavation of rock for construction
Agricultural (Soil Reclaiming)


Tesmec-TRS-1150xsd 2010
Tesmec-TRS-1475 2010